Detailed Scene Investigations

Our team of investigators can go to a scene and report our findings. We have a background in law enforcement and military that can help us identify things at a scene that may have been missed by someone else.

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Insurance Investigations

Fraud is a daily occurrence in Florida and you don’t have to accept every claim. If you think someone staged an accident, made a false medical claim or anything else, let us get involved to run surveillance and background checks to reveal the truth.

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Maritime Investigations

We can help with things that happened out at sea, too. Whether it’s a boating injury, a charter boat tour or an accident out in the water, our investigators can help discover what happened.

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Personal Injury / Disability Claims

These types of claims cost insurance companies a lot of money every year. Find out if the injury or disability is legitimate before you pay out the claim.

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Civil Litigation Support

We can provide you with the support in civil litigation cases – either for a person or a business. We will run background checks, surveillance and perform any investigations necessary.

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Background Investigations

Finding out about someone’s background can help with a case. You can find out aliases that a person went by in the past, where they lived, what they used to do and much more. It could help put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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Witness Location

We will be able to identify a witness location for you through investigations and surveillance. This way you will be able to speak with the witness to help your case along.

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Do you need to determine if the person claiming an injury is doing the things they say they cannot do? Our investigators have the equipment, training and experience to find the answer for you.

Serving the Insurance Industry Since 1998 with Florida Statewide Coverage
Dedicated. Professional. Proven Experience.
Our investigators are positioned in Tampa, Orlando and South Florida to assist you with your investigations throughout the state. DAiuto Investigations, LLC incorporates a variety of different investigative services to help clients with their business and their life. Whether one is trying to get detailed scene investigations, background information, looking for an insurance investigation or surveillance, DAiuto Investigations, LLC is the company that will accomplish the job professionally with in-depth results.


Why Hire DAiuto Investigations?

Tom DAiuto, founder of DAiuto Investigations, is a Tampa Bay native and has a background of law enforcement training, which has allowed him a great deal of success with investigations in the field. The company was established in 1998 and holds all of its initial clients to this day. Lindy DAiuto, owner, has also combined her property management background to effectively and efficiently manage client cases.

The investigations team has over 100 years of combined investigative experience that it offers to its clients. The team of investigators includes a background of former law enforcement, military and corporate management and is comprised of male and female investigators. The team is dedicated to identifying the client objectives and is committed to providing the highest level of customer service.

DAiuto Investigations offers comprehensive reporting, internet updates and effective recommendations. The team prides itself on experience and integrity and is focused on each and every mission, keeping everything confidential and professional. They are a member of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators are a fully insured agency, and are dedicated to professionalism in their field.

Advantages of Using DAiuto Investigations

Dealing with strangers in today’s day and age requires a heightened amount of vigilance. Whether a person is seeking a background check on someone before they are hired or one wants to ensure that a fiancé is really who they say they are, DAiuto Investigations is able to provide a full background investigation so that everything about the person is known before involving them in one’s business or personal life.

DAiuto Investigations offers both genders of investigators to accommodate any case that is brought up. In addition, they provide statewide coverage in Florida so that they are not bound by specific counties. Wherever a case takes them, they are prepared to go. They also have access to multi-lingual investigators to be able to conduct interviews and ask the necessary questions without facing obstacles of language barriers.

The team of investigators uses the latest technology in surveillance equipment and digital cameras. DAiuto Investigations utilizes covert equipment and techniques so that they are able to provide clients with video and/or photographic proof that is needed within the courtroom. Documentation is always needed in the case, be it litigation, insurance fraud or divorce, so the evidence will be provided in a number of different formats as requested by the client.

In addition to investigations and surveillance, DAiuto Investigations can help with witness and claimant interviews, videotaped depositions, insurance documentation, and even mystery shopping so that a client can find out if their business runs as smoothly as they think it does when they’re not there.

DAiuto Investigations serves as the eyes and ears of their clients to assist with whatever is required to form a case or to document the facts. Various intelligence gathering techniques are employed so that a client can build a case in the courtroom; determine if someone is being truthful or whether the client should hire them into their business.

Using an investigator is completely legal and DAiuto Investigators are knowledgeable of what the law enables them to do. When a client wants to know exactly what services are available, the investigators look forward to the call so that a discussion can take place about what the client is looking for in detail. Strategies can be discussed, as well as results in order for the client to get all of the information they need to make informed decisions.

Identifying Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is one of the most common reasons to hire an investigator. In car insurance fraud alone, it has cost Florida drivers over $658 million in 2011. The state has a no-fault rule that is often taken advantage of, even though Florida has been cracking down on medical clinics and attorneys who use this for their own personal gain.

Staged accidents and inflated medical claims are costing insurance companies millions of dollars. The way car insurance in Florida works is that everyone gets up to $10,000 in medical coverage for injuries that were from the crash – regardless of who was responsible for the accident. As insurance companies have to pay these claims more frequently, it’s costing the average Florida driver more for increased insurance premiums, in the growing volume of predatory and false claims made every year.

This can end simply by proving that the person either staged the accident or that they were not injured in the accident. DAiuto Investigations can provide clients with the investigators to do surveillance on the person who is making the claim, interview claimants and witnesses and provide you with the facts needed to determine if there was insurance fraud while being very discreet.

There are other types of fraud beyond car insurance, too. Homeowner’s insurance claims, slip and fall incidents and just about any other claim that involves injury or damages can be costly. While there are legitimate cases, sometimes it is simply someone exaggerating a claim to make money. DAiuto Investigations promises a fast turnaround so that claims are not prolonged unnecessarily, while also being extremely thorough. They will also provide the client with continuous updates so they are part of the process every step of the way.

Risk Mitigation and Integrity Checks

Whether the client is an insurance company or a business owner, it’s important to know who a person is dealing with and DAiuto Investigations can make sure the client has all of the facts. There are a lot of people who are dishonest on applications and this can cost businesses more than just profits. To avoid damaging relationships, writing unnecessary checks and dealing with other issues, DAiuto Investigations can provide an in-depth look at what a person’s legitimate story is.

Risk mitigation strategies can help clients determine whether or not to insure a person, property or a company. While someone might tell a company that they aren’t involved in anything risky, DAiuto Investigations can provide the investigative detail that shows the absolute truth. This provides peace of mind that a company is insuring the person, property or company properly and lessens the likelihood that illegitimate claims will be filed. If a company has already insured a client and the claim is questioned, an investigator is able to go undercover to protect an investment and dispute the claim.

Businesses need a company like DAiuto Investigations on their side at all times. Companies need proof that people are truthful to protect their assets. Insurance companies cannot honor every claim, false or not, or an insurance company will quickly meet their demise. Surveillance and background checks can be conducted by DAiuto Investigations to protect a company’s interests.

Let DAiuto Investigations Work for You

DAiuto Investigations will be on their client’s side, helping them every step of the way. They have a strong customer base that they have maintained since their inception in 1998. They continuously add to our customer base because of the results they provide and their quick turnaround. They have partnered with insurance companies, attorneys, businesses, law enforcement and individuals with an expansive range of cases. They have the right people in place and the highest level of technology to uncover all issues that are presented to their team of experts.

DAiuto Investigations services are provided in order for clients not to have to do everything for themselves. DAiuto Investigations understands that clients have a timeline that must be adhered to. They can help with interviewing witnesses, providing surveillance and many other services that will assist in every aspect of business and building cases.

Clients should always know what’s going on with the people in their life – personally and in business. DAiuto Investigations can uncover the truth about anyone that their clients associate with. Questions always have answers, even if it requires discreet investigative services to reveal those answers.

DAiuto Investigations will discuss strategies and tactics with clients so that answers are discovered instead of wondering what’s going on. From Key West to Pensacola, they’ll cover the entire state of Florida to get a client what they need. The experience is present and the motivation is in place, so clients are urged to discuss their issues with the team of investigators at their convenience.

When more information is desired, send an email or make a call. DAiuto is always eager to start on a new case to provide the truth that lies right below the surface.


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