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Insurance companies are targeted every year by fraudulent claims. Florida experiences more claims every year than almost every other state in the country. There are lawyers and medical facilities that help people make these claims due to staged accidents and higher medical bills than what was actually incurred because of the PIP of $10,000. In addition, some worker’s compensation claims are filed because employees want to make their employers “pay” in more ways than one. Fraud costs insurance companies a lot of money and forces premiums to go up. When you question a claim, let us help you with the evidence you need to fight back.

We are able to help with a variety of investigations and provide you with the support that you need to help build a case in a court of law.

Detailed Scene Investigations

Our team of investigators can go to a scene and report our findings. We have a background in law enforcement and military that can help us identify things at a scene that may have been missed by someone else.


We can conduct surveillance on a person to find out what they’re doing each and every day. This will help establish patterns and find out if they are being truthful in their claim.

Background Investigations

Finding out about someone’s background can help with a case. We can find out aliases that a person went by in the past, where they lived, and what their history looks like. It could help put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Insurance Investigations

Fraud is a daily occurrence in Florida and you don’t have to accept every claim. If you think someone staged an accident, made a false medical claim or anything else, let us get involved to perform surveillance and background checks to reveal the whole picture.

Witness/Claimant Interviews

It’s hard to be everywhere all the time. When you need witness or claimant interviews conducted in the state of Florida, our investigators will video tape the entire thing so that you get the information you need without having to travel anywhere to get it.

Witness Location

We will be able to identify a witness location for you through investigations and surveillance. This way you will be able to speak with the witness to help your case along.

Maritime Investigations

We can help with incidents that occur out at sea, too. Whether it’s a boating injury, a charter boat tour or an accident out in the water, our investigators can help discover what happened.

Civil Litigation Support

We can provide you with the support in civil litigation cases – either for a person or a business. We will run background checks, surveillance and perform any investigations necessary.

Personal Injury/Disability Claims

These types of claims cost insurance companies a lot of money every year. Find out if the injury or disability is legitimate before you pay out the claim.


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